Circulating Tumor Cells

Single Cell Analysis

Point of Care

Application Development








Pump unit.


The pump unit is designed for VyCAP’s disposable filtration unit. The disposable filtration unit is connected by pushing it onto the pump. The pump is available with a fixed pressure setting as well as an adjustable pressure. Pressure can be adjusted from 0 – 250 mbar.



Disposable filtration unit.


The disposable filtration unit is connected to the pump unit. The pump unit applies a negative pressure to the waste compartment of the disposable.


The filtration unit will be delivered with a pre-inserted slide with microsieve design of choice. The slide can be easily removed after filtration is completed.




Slide with microsieve / microwells for disposable filtration unit


The slide with microsieve can be inserted in the disposable filtration unit. Depending on your application different dimensions and designs of the microsieve are available.




Puncher system.


The Puncher system for isolation of single cells uses a Nikon Ti-E microscope as basis. The Puncher systems comprises of 2 XY-stages for acquiring images and displacing the reaction tubes or PCR well plate and a third stage that drives the puncher needle. It is equipped with a Lumencor LED excitation light source as well as a Hamamatsu CMOS camera to acquire high quality images with a high fluorescence sensitivity.


Image acquisition, cell selection and isolation of the single cells is fully automated and comes with dedicated software.




Cell Stainer


Indispensable need for staining, washing and fixation of cells that are collected onto the microsieve.



Disposable cartridge for rare cell analysis


Simple device for the collection of cells that are present in a concentration of 1 – 100 per microliter. Sample volume is between 100 microliter and 10 milliliter

Cells are captured and stained on the microsieve with a pore size that can be matched with the application.