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VyCAP is a provider of technology for the isolation, identification and analysis of cells and single cells from biological fluid samples. The company designs, and manufactures innovative solutions for both Life Science and Clinical applications. We combine molding technologies with MEMS micromachining and standardized bio-analytical methods. This results in simple to use disposable devices that produce high quality analytical results that can be operated in any laboratory by any technician.

Examples of developed technologies are:


       Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC)

Disposable filtration unit for the isolation, detection and analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) from whole blood. After the CTC have been captured these can be stained and analyzed on the sieve in an easy and efficient fashion.


       Single Cell Isolation Technology

Very robust and simple to use technology for the isolation and transfer of single cells from silicon microwells to PCR well plate. Compatible with commercially available DNA and RNA PCR analysis kits.


       Microwells for Cell Seeding

Very efficient and rapid technology for seeding of single cells in individual microwells. Percentage of wells that contain a single cell is more than 95%. Bioassays can be performed on the single cells in the micro wells.


       Point Of Care for Cell Analysis

Disposable cartridges for the detection and analysis of cells in bodily fluids, e.g. cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)and peritoneal fluids. Cells are collected onto a silicon microsieve, labelled with immune-fluorescence labels and identified by automated fluorescence imaging.